We believe human connection is at the heart of great brand storytelling

Like laughter bringing people together, we spark joyful bonds between brands and their audiences.

who we are

Our team of passionate filmmakers and artists thrive on playfulness, authenticity and imagination. We keep creative egos at the door and combine your vision with our expertise to craft videos and films that speak to what really matters - forging relationships between your brand and its people.

The stories we shape aren't just entertaining and informative, they facilitate profound human connections. When your audience laughs, cries and leans in for more, you know you've touched them on a deeper level. That's our definition of success.

Ready to give your brand the human touch and build bonds based on trust, rapport and shared experiences? Get in touch today to fuel your storytelling with the power of true connection. At Pluto Noodle, we don't just show you what good brand storytelling looks like - we make you feel it.

our values

Playfulness - We infuse creativity with fun and don't take ourselves TOO seriously.
Authenticity - We believe authentic connections drive success for our business and yours. We are genuine in all we do.
Imagination - We embrace innovation and push creative boundaries
Relationships - Earning trust and rapport through integrity in all we do
Results - Our work achieves outcomes by forging authentic human connections.